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EKA SuperCompact
EKA Lightweight
EKA Limited’s project portfolio is a diverse range of solutions to an ever changing set of requirements in the vehicle recovery and logistics support arena.  From the very first EKA heavy recovery vehicle, through support for the DROPS project, and on to the latest SuperCompact recovery vehicle, innovative engineering design and early adoption of key technologies is evident throughout our product range.

Rather than focusing on high volume product ranges, EKA develop solutions to specific customer capability requirements through design evolution and product development.  Despite a diverse range of applications, our product and service offering remains focused on delivering complete customer satisfaction through reliable products delivered to exacting standards and the highest level of quality assurance.

A product range that speaks for itself
The following product highlights serve to illustrate the diverse range of engineering solutions to military and civil logistical support requirements.

Lightweight – An agile, low weight recovery system.
The EKA Lightweight has been developed to address future requirements, where high mobility and manoeuvrability are required, in conjunction with the proven capability of a suspend tow recovery system. Read more about the EKA Lightweight.

SuperCompact – A heavy recovery vehicle for the 21st century.
The EKA SuperCompact recovery vehicle is the third generation EKA recovery vehicle to be accepted into service by the British Army.  In partnership with MAN Truck & Bus UK Limited, EKA developed the Future Wheeled Recovery Vehicle solution on the MAN SX chassis platform as part of the Support Vehicle contract tender response in 2006.  288 recovery systems will be delivered by the end of 2013.

SRTE – Simple Rail Transfer Equipment
To support the British Army DROPS (Demountable Rack Offloading Pickup System) fleet and extend the capability of the project, EKA Limited devised and developed the SRTE (Simple Rail Transport Equipment) solution in 1990.  The new addition to the fleet allowed for rapid and safe load transfer from rail to road without intermediate lifting equipment or infrastructure modification.

CRARRV – The world's biggest military capstan winch
The BAe Systems CRARRV (Challenger Armoured Repair and Recovery Vehicle), is a highly evolved armoured vehicle designed to recover and repair damaged tanks on the battlefield.  The primary recovery device is the Treibmatic TR2000 capstan winch, capable of sustaining a 50 tone line pull.

COBRA – Advanced radar technology chassis integration.
EKA was commissioned to develop a torsionally-isolating subframe to protect the mobile radar system from the flexible chassis of the Improved Medium Mobility Load Carrier.  The overall height restriction demanded an innovative subframe design of lightweight but stiff fabrication. EKA also installed a self recovery winch and, in addition, managed the electrical interface between the various elements of the COBRA system and the chassis.

Winch & hoisting solutions – the Treibmatic range.
EKA Limited have delivered over 1000 winch and winch systems to the Ministry of Defence over the last 25 years.  From the revolutionary constant pull Treibmatic winch to a broad range of drum winches, our winching solutions can be found in recovery vehicles, MBT (Main Battle Tank) assets and CRARRV.