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ROTZLER TITAN - Powerful, compact and durable

For more than two decades, ROTZLER TITAN winches have been recognized for outstanding performance. Designed to fit into hoisting applications in service cranes, loading cranes, drilling rigs and marine application, they offer long life and durability.

The TITAN series is equipped with a high performance hydraulic motor designed and built by ROTZLER for a winch that is as compact as possible. Its design allows for near silent operation under heavy loads and at high speeds. The versatile motor also allows hoisting clockwise and counter-clockwise, with no run-in necessary. For smooth lowering of the load, a counter-balance valve is integrated in the ROTZLER motor as standard.

The planetary gear box with its optimized tooth profile, machined and ground planetary gears and heavy duty needle roller bearings, support reliable and energy efficient power transmission. A high performance brake system with disc brakes allows safe lifting, lowering and holding of the load.

To further support the extended service life of the winch, we provide a top quality paint finish with primer and industrial top coat. This durable, corrosion resistant coating is applied on the components prior to the assembly. In doing so, ROTZLER assures that the coating covers all surfaces.

ROTZLER TITAN - Your choice for safety, reliability and ease of use

ROTZLER does not compromise on quality. To ensure every winch is ready for installation, all are tested on our patented, automated ROTZLER test benches. Line pull, brake and overload tests are performed.Test certificates are available for every winch, and kept on file.

To align the TITAN with your specific requirements a great variety of options can be integrated into the winch. Whether you need a pressure roller to assist rope spooling or electronic rope end control, the wide range of options offers perfect solutions to suit your needs.

TITANMax Hoisting Force
Max rope
Max. accumulated rope storage (m)Rope
TI 112.59.54054598
TI 2261942586210
TI 4453347638713
TI 5554246598714
Specifications and performance figures are subject to change without notice.
Available options for your ROTZLER TITAN

With almost 100 years of experience, we can offer proven, reliable options to make your TITAN the perfect fit for your needs:

Large Drum:

In some applications longer rope lengths are needed. To accommodate this we offer a long drum on Tl 4, almost doubling the rope capacity.

Grooved Drum:

To improve spooling of the rope grooved drums are available for standard rope diameters. Grooved drums enhance operation and extend the life span of the rope resulting in greater operational safety.

Available Motors:

Robust ROTZLER hydraulic motors ensure smooth winch operation. For each model there are multiple gear motor sizes available. On the Tl 4 and Tl 5 we can also offer a piston motor for high pressure, low volume applications.

Pressure Roller:

Pressure rollers assist spooling even if the rope loses tension. This extends the life span of the rope resulting in greater operational safety.


This option measures the remaining wraps on the drum. It is available for either three or five wrap activation. The output signal of the rope-end-control is used to stop lowering of the load, preventing the rope from being pulled out completely. For operational safety, this option is a must!

Load Sensing System MCD:

The ROTZLER MCD system offers enhanced safety when operating TITAN winches. It measures torque to calculate the load on the winch. The linear signal from the MCD can be used to stop the system when a set point is reached.


We offer standard ropes with a safety factor of 3.5 to meet ISO/ANSI standards. Other ropes are available upon request.

Stainless Steel Fasteners:

For operation of the winch in harsh conditions (e.g.marine applications), the winch can be equipped with stainless steel fasteners to avoid corrosion.

External Brake Release:

This option allows releasing the brake and lowering the load with an auxiliary hydraulic supply. In case of failure of the main hydraulic system the operator can easily unload the winch to secure the system and to prevent bigger damages.

Throttle Valve:

In order to perform a brake test, the winch can be equipped with a throttle valve. With this valve, a winch brake test according API 2C specification can be performed.

API 2C Compliance:

If required, the winch can be built according to American Petroleum Institute (API) 2C specifications."

ROTZLER TITAN - Serving a wide variety of hoisting applications

Due to its high performance, flexibility and versatility, the ROTZLER TITAN winch series is the perfect solution for many applications. Whether on service cranes, marine or drilling applications, ROTZLER TITAN winches are the choice.


ROTZLER TITAN winches can be used as the main hoisting winch in various crane applications . The majority of TITAN winches are used on service cranes and loading cranes. TITAN winches are also used in crane vehicles and in all-terrain cranes. An additional application is in hoisting use on windmills. Many TITAN winches are installed in the cabin of windmills to lift service material to the top, thus avoiding the use of helicopters.


ROTZLER TITAN winches are frequently used in oil and gas drilling, water-well drilling, foundation drilling and mineral exploration.

In drilling applications, TITAN winches are used to lift and lower drilling tools like shafts, tubs, pipes and derricks. It can be used on mobile or stationary drilling rigs.


The marine sector requires hoisting equipment that works safely and reliably in harsh conditions. Whether it is on fishing boats, work boats, or dredges, the winches need to be sea water protected and corrosion resistant. The TITAN perfectly meets those requirements.

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