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Supporting MLRS RRV| Case Studies | EKA Limited

Supporting MLRS RRV

The Multi Launch Rocket System (MLRS) is a cornerstone of British and NATO artillery systems. UK recovery philosophy requires repair and recovery variants of vehicles where other recovery assets cannot provide combined recovery and mobility capability to match the principal variant. Accordingly, the MLRS fleet includes the MLRS Repair and Recovery Vehicle, the MLRS RRV.

Supporting MLRS | EKA Limited
SuperCompact Oman | Case Studies | EKA Limited

SuperCompact Oman

Delivering on a unique requirement: to provide suspend tow recovery of the G6 Self-Propelled Howitzer. This particular requirement was challenging in many respects, but the principal requirement of suspend tow of the Denel G6 was the real test of SuperCompact’s capabilities.

SuperCompact Oman| EKA Limited
ROTZLER Systems in Supercompact| Case Studies| EKA Limited

ROTZLER Systems In Supercompact

Including the 600.2 Recovery Crane, the SuperCompact recovery system utilises four winches from ROTZLER. That’s in addition to the ROTZLER CAN-Bus system controlling each sub-system and their interaction. Combined with Muli-Functional remote Control, the operator has an unparalleled breadth of control from a single chest pack, allowing precise control of one or multiple systems onboard.

Rotzler Systems In Supercompact/ | EKA Limited
Lightweight| Case Studies | EKA Limited


3D scanning can be used in the aerospace industry to facilitate the design and manufacture of aviation parts and equipment. The 3D scanning process allows us to scan either a small component or something larger, such as an entire engine.

Lightweight | EKA Limited
SuperCompact Case Study| Our Sectors | EKA Limited

SuperCompact Case Study

Our 3D scanning services can support the Maritime sector by being able to 3D scan pipework, engines and exteriors. This will provide a cost-effective solution for product testing and prototyping.

SuperCompact Case Study| EKA Limited
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