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Operations and deployments over recent years have allowed EKA Limited to gain deeper understanding of the detailed and nuanced challenges faced by British forces. This includes the developing requirement to support light and medium weight wheeled vehicles in line with the existing repair and recovery philosophy, while utilising smaller, lighter, higher mobility assets.

EKA Limited foresee a lightweight, highly mobile, towing and intimate recovery requirement for small and medium vehicles. The EKA Lightweight has been developed to address future requirements, where high mobility and manoeuvrability are required, in conjunction with the proven capability of a suspend tow recovery system.

EKA Lightweight Recovery

Our recovery module has been designed to be installed on any suitable agile host chassis, narrow and light enough for intimate operations. The top hamper features a hydraulically operated, extending lifting boom and recovery bar, allowing recovery and suspend tow of vehicles up to the 15-tonne weight category.

In common with the SuperCompact, and SuperCompact HD recovery vehicles, the EKA Lightweight employs the versatile ROTZLER TR080 TREIBMATIC 8 tonne capstan winch. This allows for a constant line pull, delivering maximum pulling capacity along the entire usable length of the rope. Novel, patent pending* ground anchors have been developed by EKA Limited to support winching operations, allowing a 16 tonne 2:1 pull when required.

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Lightweight: A high mobility,
agile, intimate recovery system

  • Two-part winch recovery pulls up to 16 tonnes are possible, using the innovative ground anchors. Rope runs are arranged at high level to help extract the casualty.
  • Casualties up to 7.5 tonnes may be rigid-bar towed, limited only by the weight of the Recovery Vehicle
  • Casualties up to 15 tonnes may be suspend-towed, using the fully-articulating recovery device, which can lift the casualty sufficiently high for safe off-road towing
  • The variable-height recovery device can be pinned at four different heights, to ensure that even very small casualties can be safely towed.
  • Rear-end design has been optimised to ensure good turning clearances when manoeuvring.
  • Compact weight-conscious recovery equipment design, a host chassis with good mobility, manoeuvrability, and a maximum width of 2.4 metres, make the Lightweight Recovery Vehicle the ideal asset for intimate recovery operations.
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