Strategic Military Recovery & 3D Scanning Engineering Services

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Based on 40 years of engineering experience within the military & defense sector, we are able to offer our engineering services to other applications via 3D scanning & reverse engineering services. We have invested in the latest 3D scanning technology, which when combined with our extensive engineering experience, allows us to attend your site or welcome you at our facility for any 3D scanning requirements you have – with the added potential for in-house reverse engineering, CAD design and scanning for future modifications.

Military Recovery & Load Handling

Military Recovery & Load Handling | EKA Limited

3D Scanning & Printing Services

3D Scanning & Printing Services | EKA Limited

Our Sectors

Defence | Our Sectors | EKA Limited


The military and defense sector is constantly introducing new, innovative ideas to improve the performance and safety of its equipment and vehicles. 3D scanning can offer an accurate, cost-effective solution for testing and prototyping these modifications and innovative equipment.

Defence | EKA Limited
Automotive & Motorsports | Our Sectors | EKA Limited

Automotive & Motorsport

The automotive industry can benefit greatly from the detailed scans that our 3D scanning & printing services provide. Whether you are looking to remanufacture a legacy part that is no longer in production or make modifications to your vehicle, our 3D scanning services can help.

Automotive & Motorsport | EKA Limited
Healthcare & Medical | Our Sectors | EKA Limited

Healthcare & Medical

Our 3D scanning services can help the healthcare & medical industry manufacture, test and improve both new and existing healthcare equipment. In addition to this, 3D scanning can be applied to much more than just equipment.

Healthcare & Medical | EKA Limited
Aerospace | Our Sectors | EKA Limited


3D scanning can be used in the aerospace industry to facilitate the design and manufacture of aviation parts and equipment. The 3D scanning process allows us to scan either a small component or something larger, such as an entire engine.

Aerospace | EKA Limited
Maritime | Our Sectors | EKA Limited


Our 3D scanning services can support the Maritime sector by being able to 3D scan pipework, engines and exteriors. This will provide a cost-effective solution for product testing and prototyping.

Maritime | EKA Limited

SuperCompact for the UK:
Delivering Support Vehicle

Perhaps EKA Limited’s most significant contract of recent years is the successful delivery of 288 recovery vehicles to UK MoD on time and on budget.

The Prime contractor for the Support Vehicle Programme, MAN Truck & Bus UK Limited, chose EKA Limited to deliver the recovery vehicle element of the programme after EKA’s extensive product development and technology demonstration investment during the late 1990’s
and early 2000’s.

Culminating in the SuperCompact recovery top hamper, the Support Vehicle (Recovery), or SV(R) as it is commonly known, delivers suspend tow, rigid tow, lifting, recovery winching and self recovery capability to the British Army’s wheeled fleet.

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Lightweight: A High
Mobility, Agile, Intimate
Recovery System

Operations and deployments over recent years have allowed EKA Limited to gain deeper understanding of the detailed and nuanced challenges faced by British forces. This includes the developing requirement to support light and medium weight wheeled vehicles in line with the existing repair and recovery philosophy, while utilising smaller, lighter, higher mobility assets.

The EKA Lightweight recovery system has been designed and developed over the last five years to answer this complex requirement.

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