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Our 3D scanning services involve one of our experienced engineers using the latest, state-of-the-art 3D scanning technology to create a digitised 3D version of your vehicle, part or item. We are able to produce detailed 3D scans for a wide range of applications of all sizes, generating exact data which we can then use for reverse engineering and/ or 3D printing purposes.

With the technology behind 3D scanning constantly developing and improving, it’s now one of the fastest ways to produce 3D models from all manner of objects. Working like a video camera, a 3D scanner allows us to scan not just the surface of an object, but its geometry as well, so that it can be worked into a high-precision model.

Combine this cutting-edge technology with our 40 years’ of experience in engineering, and we can apply 3D scanning to an array of sectors. From Maritime to Medicine, Military to Motorsport & Automotive the applications are endless.

Some of our recent projects:

Teeth Mould

We were asked to 3D scan a set of teeth moulds for a medical school, which we could then manipulate for training purposes and 3D print multiple testing moulds. We were approached based on our extensive engineering background, which meant we were able to manage the project in-house from the initial scan, all the way through to printing.

Antique Chair

Our client’s treasured 19th century armchair was about to undergo restoration and repairs.  To ensure they, and the restorer, had an accurate record of its condition, and details of the patterns and joinery used in its construction, we completed a full 3D scan including high-resolution photographic texture mapping.  This allowed the restorer to reverse engineer complex joinery, and ensure the wood colour and grain direction were matched after restoration ensuring seamless repairs and reinforcement of its delicate construction.

Motorbike Helmet

A racing enthusiast approached us with a challenge to 3D scan and model their racing helmet in preparation for experimental modification to improve aerodynamics and reduce wind noise.  We completed a detailed geometric and textured scan of the helmet, resulting in a complete CAD model of its exterior surface geometry.  This model data will be used to develop 3D printed prototypes of fins and ducts designed by the client.

Handgun (Replica)

A client within the film industry asked us to 3D scan and print a specific handgun, which they needed for a film they were producing. Due to the amount of these specific firearms they required, our 3D scanning and printing services was the perfect solution for the job at hand – offering a cost-effective solution, detailed alternative to the real guns.


3D scanning can be used to preserve the past as well as build the future.  Our client who specialises in vintage and retro collectibles and memorabilia asked us to explore how items can be preserved but still be used and enjoyed.  We 3D scanned a retro skateboard to show how its condition and original artwork can be recorded to allow repair and restoration in the future, ensuring any wear and tear can be repaired faithful to the original design by reverse engineering its original condition.

Ammo Box

To support the production of both physical and digital props for a visual effects client, a number of original artefacts were collected as reference items.  EKA Limited scanned these items, such as this ammunition storage box, to allow lightweight replicas to be manufactured as physical props and digital assets to be used in composite scenes in the final production.  This ensured accurate replication of typical wear & tear and patina found on original items while preserving their condition for future reference.

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Using the latest 3D Scanning Technology

We use the high-tech Artec Leo 3D Scanner to ensure we’re achieving the best possible scanning results. Its interactive, AI-driven software gives us the chance to see real-time, HD previews of the model, while its wireless design gives us the flexibility to scan almost any object. Our engineers are able to produce detailed 3D scans for a wide range of applications of all sizes, generating exact data which we can then use for reverse engineering and/ or 3D printing purposes.

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Benefits Of 3D Scanning

Experience & Expertise | EKA Limited


Our 3D scanning services are only carried out by our qualified and experienced engineers. This allows you to benefit from the technical knowledge and experience of our Engineers, and take advantage of any insights they can offer at the time of the scan.

Flexibility | EKA Limited


In addition to being able to perform 3D scans, we are also able to perform on-site 3D scanning services for a broad range of applications.

One-Stop-Shop | EKA Limited


As well as being able to 3D scan your asset, we can also then use our team’s extensive engineering knowledge to reverse engineer your product and even 3D print a prototype for testing and analysing.

Scalability | EKA Limited


Whether you are looking to scan a small precise component or an entire vehicle, no matter the reason, size or complexity – our team have the expertise and engineering knowledge to complete some of the most complex 3D scans.

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Who Can Benefit From Our 3D Scanning Services?

Heavy Duty Vehicles | EKA Limited


The military and defense sector is constantly introducing new, innovative ideas to improve the performance and safety of its equipment and vehicles. 3D scanning can offer an accurate, cost-effective solution for testing and prototyping these modifications and innovative equipment.

Automotive & Motorsport | EKA Limited

Automotive & Motorsport

The automotive industry can benefit greatly from the detailed scans that our 3D scanning & printing services provide. Whether you are looking to remanufacture a legacy part that is no longer in production, or make modifications to your vehicle, our 3D scanning services can help.

3D scanning for medical | EKA Limited

Healthcare & Medical

Our 3D scanning services can help the healthcare & medical industry manufacture, test and improve both new and existing healthcare equipment. In addition to this, 3D scanning can be applied to much more than just equipment.

More Than Just Scanning …

  • CAD Development & Engineering Consultancy
    Our 3D scanning services are only carried out by our qualified and experienced engineers. You will have access to one of our experienced engineers who will be able to provide you with in-depth, engineering from your 3D scan – which can then be used for CAD development.

  • Reverse Engineering
    Thanks to our extensive engineering background, we are able to take your 3D scan and perform in-depth analysis of the application, to create CAD drawings that can then be used for reverse engineering.

  • 3D Printing
    If you are looking for a cost and time-effective method of prototyping your modifications, we are also able to offer 3D printing services.

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