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Perhaps EKA Limited’s most significant contract of recent years is the successful delivery of 288 SuperCompact recovery vehicles to UK MoD on time and on budget. The Prime contractor for the Support Vehicle Programme, MAN Truck & Bus UK Limited, chose EKA Limited to deliver the recovery vehicle element of the programme after EKA’s extensive product development and technology demonstration investment during the late 1990’s and early 2000’s.

Strategic military
recovery for the British Army

The EKA SuperCompact was chosen in 2006 to fulfil the requirement for the Future Wheeled Recovery Vehicle element of the British Army’s Support Vehicle programme.

The first chassis entered service on the 28th February 2008, with a total contract quantity of 288 vehicles to be completed during 2013.

EKA’s SuperCompact recovery top hamper, installed on the MAN SX-45 8×8 chassis is designated Support Vehicle (Recovery), or SV(R) as it is commonly known, and delivers suspend tow, rigid tow, lifting, recovery winching and self recovery capability to the British Army’s wheeled fleet

SuperCompact: the rear that supports the front

The top hamper, which includes the recovery module, main, auxiliary and self recovery winches and crane, is adaptable to any heavy duty 8×8 chassis. As a result of EKA’s modular design philosophy, the widest range of recovery capabilities can be accommodated with minimal effects on chassis integration. SuperCompact also features the latest Control System technology; recovery tasks can be undertaken by remote control, including crane operation, dual winch and crane operation for side over side recovery tasks, self recovery and recovery device deployment.

  • Current platforms: Rheinmetal (RMMV) SX45 & Iveco Astra 8×8
  • Casualties up to 7.5 tonnes may be rigid-bar towed, limited only by the weight of the Recovery Vehicle.
  • Recovery Device: EKA Recovery module. Maximum lift capacity 13 tonne suspend tow.
  • Main Winch: ROTZLER TR200/6 25 tonne TREIBMATIC hydraulic capstan winch.
  • Auxiliary Winch: ROTZLER HZ010/6 1 tonne Drum winch use to aid main winch rope deployment.
  • Self Recovery Winch:. ROTZLER TR080/6 8 tonne TREIBMATIC.
  • Crane: Atlas 600.2 M1
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