ROTZLER Systems In Supercompact

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Including the 600.2 Recovery Crane, the SuperCompact recovery system utilises four winches from ROTZLER. That’s in addition to the ROTZLER CAN-Bus system controlling each sub-system and their interaction. Combined with Muli-Functional remote Control, the operator has an unparalleled breadth of control from a single chest pack, allowing precise control of one or multiple systems onboard.

Main & Auxillary winch operation

SuperCompact is a specialised military recovery system delivering four key capabilities: A 13t suspend tow recovery system, a 60 meter-tonne recovery crane, a 25t main recovery winch and a 10t self-recovery system.

Individual operation of these systems delivers mission-critical capabilities on their own. But by combining the operation of these systems, the platform is able to deliver greater performance and flexibility.

A practical example is the combined operation of the TREIBMATIC TR200 25t capstan winch with the HZ010 1t drum winch. The heavy steel wire rope of the TR200 main recovery winch can be deployed more quickly and more safely by dual operation with the HZ010. The onboard control system controls the balanced loading and rope speed of the auxiliary winch ensuring the main recovery rope pays out at the desired speed while not overloading the smaller HZ010. This provides the quickest and safest deployment of the main recovery winch rope during operations.

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Dual crane & winch operation

Dual crane and winch mode demonstrates a further degree of flexibility of the complete system. The Atlas 600.2 crane can be used to effect a side-over-side recovery operation in conjunction with the TR200 main recovery winch. This scenario requires the combined control of the crane and winch system to control the manoeuvring of a casualty that is on its side, or even upside down. Working in conjunction with each other, the crane and winch provide combined lifting and rolling control to right a casualty. The control system allows the operator to focus on the safe and secure operation of the equipment while working within safety limits.

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