Supporting MLRS RRV

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The Multi Launch Rocket System (MLRS) is a cornerstone of British and NATO artillery systems. UK recovery philosophy requires repair and recovery variants of vehicles where other recovery assets cannot provide combined recovery and mobility capability to match the principal variant. Accordingly, the MLRS fleet includes the MLRS Repair and Recovery Vehicle, the MLRS RRV.

EKA Logistic Support Solutions

In 2013, EKA Limited carried out a refurbishment and upgrade programme on the main recovery and auxiliary winches on the RRV. The original installation included the ROTZLER TR200 20t twin capstan winch and the HZ010 1t auxiliary drum winch. These winches had an intermediate control system which allowed electronic control, but were not compatible with modern CAN-Bus control systems. The refurbishment and upgrade programme upgraded the base winch unit to the modern /6 control system – a fully compliant CAN-Bus control system.

One of the benefits of carrying out this upgrade, in addition to mid-life refurbishment, was to introduce system, component and support commonality. After the upgrade was complete, the MLRS RRV winch systems shared a broad range of components and control system protocols with Support Vehicle (Recovery) – the SuperCompact equipment installed on the MAN/RMMV SX-45 Support Vehicle.

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Long Term Support To British & NATO Artillery Systems

In addition to technical commonality, UK MoD also realised training and support benefits, as Users of either system could much easily transfer their skills across platforms thanks to the common operating functions and methodologies.

Having completed the upgrade programme, EKA continue to provide long term support to the MLRS RRV platform, including:

  • Winch Testing & Certification
  • Parts & Spares documentation
  • Technical documentation and operators manuals
  • Level 4 Repair & maintenance
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