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Why Integrated Logistic Support (ILS)?

The cost of In-Service Support (ISS) of equipment or product is generally equal to or more than the cost of its original procurement. This cost is therefore a significant factor in the procurement decisions and needs to be managed in a disciplined way.

In general terms, a robust ILS package can plan and direct the identification and development of an equipment or products logistics support system requirements. The goal of ILS is the creation of a system that lasts longer in service and requires less throughlife support, thereby reducing costs and increasing return on investments.

ILS activities then are designed to address aspects of supportability not only during the acquisition phase, but also throughout the operational life cycle of the system.

What then is ILS?

ILS is the integrated planning and action of a number of disciplines, or elements in concert with one another to assure system availability. Although ILS was originally developed for military purposes, it is now also widely used in commercial product support environments or customer service organisations.

A good and rounded definition of ILS is:

An integrated and iterative process for developing an equipment or products support strategy that optimises functional support, leverages existing resources, and guides the system engineering process to quantify and lower life cycle cost and decrease the logistics footprint (demand for logistics), making the system easier to support.

There are many elements of ILS which have developed over time, many of which are supported by international standards and specifications which are already in general use. A number of element analysis will be used to identify tasks within each logistics support characteristic. Analysis outputs may identify that trade-offs may be required between elements in order to acquire a system that is:

  • Affordable (lowest life cycle cost)
  • Operable
  • Supportable
  • Sustainable
  • Transportable
  • Environmentally sound.

What are ILS elements?

The most widely accepted list of ILS activities includes:

  • Reliability engineering, maintainability engineering and maintenance (preventive, predictive and corrective) planning
  • (e.g. ASD S3000L - International specification for Logistics Support Analysis – LSA)
  • Supply (spare part) support (e.g. ASD S2000M International specification for materiel management - Integrated data
  • processing)
  • Support and test equipment / equipment support
  • Manpower and personnel
  • Training and training support (e.g. ASD S6000T International specification for training analysis and design)
  • Technical data/publications (e.g. ASD S1000D International specification for technical publications, BS4884 British
  • standard for Technical Manuals)
  • Facilities
  • Packaging, Handling, Storage and Transportation (PHS&T)
  • Human Factors Integration (HFI)
  • Disposal
EKA ILS & Supportability Solutions

A properly planned and executed ILS strategy will ensure that the requirements for each of the ILS elements are properly planned, resourced, and implemented.

EKA’s integrated supportability and engineering teams conduct ILS element analysis to identify equipment and product maintenance and supportability requirements to enable the system to achieve the operational readiness and availability required by a customer and to provide a cost effective throughlife support package.

Typical EKA customer supportability solutions include:

Integrated Logistic
Design Services &
Technical Support
Maintenance, Repair &
Overhaul Planning
Spare Parts &
Resupply Service
EKA Logistic Support Solutions

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