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Delivering on a unique requirement: to provide suspend tow recovery of the G6 Self-Propelled Howitzer. This particular requirement was challenging in many respects, but the principal requirement of suspend tow of the Denel G6 was the real test of SuperCompact’s capabilities.

Teaming up with Iveco, and utilising their Astra M410.54 WM 8×8, it was clear that the combination of the Iveco platform and EKA’s SuperCompact recovery equipment was up to the task.

Maximum capability, maximum mobility.

SuperCompact’s unique suspend tow recovery system means that casualties are lifted from the recovery eyes at the front or rear of the vehicle. Lifting at the recovery eyes allows the SuperCompact recovery system to position the casualty vehicle as close as possible to the recovery vehicle’s rear axle.

This approach avoids the use large, heavy lifting booms that hang beneath the recovery vehicle and the casualty. The result is increased mobility of the recovery vehicle whilst towing a casualty, and reduced overall weight of the recovery system.

Combined with the battle proven performance of SuperCompact in use with the British Army, this meant that the suspend tow methodology would allow SuperCompact to lift and tow the 46t G6 Howitzer across challenging dessert terrain as well as prepared roads.

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The top hamper, a tailored and improved SuperCompact, includes the recovery module, main, auxiliary and self recovery winches and crane. As a result of EKA’s modular design philosophy, integration with the Astra M410.54 WM 8×8 was achieved quickly with minimal effects on chassis performance. SuperCompact features the latest Control System technology; recovery tasks can be undertaken by remote control, including crane operation, dual winch and crane operation for side over side recovery tasks, self recovery and recovery device deployment.

  • Suspend tow of casualties up to 13t hook weight, with or without recovery eyes by way of recovery adapters or chains.
  • Casualties up to 7.5 tonnes may be rigid-bar towed, limited only by the weight of the Recovery Vehicle.
  • Recovery Device: EKA Recovery module. Maximum lift capacity 13 tonne suspend tow.
  • Main Winch: ROTZLER TR200/6 25 tonne TREIBMATIC hydraulic capstan winch.
  • Auxiliary Winch: ROTZLER HZ010/6 1 tonne Drum winch use to aid main winch rope deployment.
  • Self Recovery Winch:. ROTZLER TR080/6 8 tonne TREIBMATIC.
  • Crane: Atlas 600.2 M1
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